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Stars Shined at Sickle Cell Gala

The Sickle Cell Foundation of Central Alabama held its 13th annual gala on Saturday, June 16, at the downtown Sheraton Hotel with Birmingham’s Rickey Smiley as the celebrity guest and co-host. Smiley opened for the event and delivered a heartfelt message about the importance of the awareness gala. Read more Here


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Sickle Cell Tags

When renewing your car tag...

Select the Sickle Cell Tag.

$45 of your $50 purchase will be donated to the Central Al Sickle Cell Foundation...

For more information, call 205.780.2355

Our Mission

o enhance the quality of life of individuals and families affected by sickle cell disease through education, advocacy, and support.

THANK YOU! ACIPCO Charities Fund group, Demetrus Jones, Charities Fund Group Chair.

Your generous philanthropy and major donation to the Central Alabama Sickle Cell Foundation in observance of Giving Tuesday 2018, is greatly appreciated.  

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