Central AL Chapter of the Sickle Cell Association of America

 The Sickle Cell Foundation, Inc.

Sickle Cell Awareness Plates

Sickle Cell Awareness Plates are now available for purchase by all residents of Alabama who are vehicle owners and supporters of the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, Central Alabama Chapter, Inc. (The Sickle Cell Foundation).

You can purchase the plates if you are the owner of private passenger automobiles, pickup trucks, motorcycles and pleasure motor vehicles (i.e., recreational vehicles).
The plates can be personalized.

The metal plates can be obtained through the Alabama Department of Revenue. Net proceeds of the $50 plate fee will be used to support research, clinical care, and community services relevant to sickle cell disease. A portion of the net proceeds of $5 shall be distributed to 
the Department of Revenue.

Order your plates from the Department of Revenue today by going to the Department of Revenue.